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About Us

Best Convention Centre in Kollam: Crafting Timeless Celebrations

Pavithram Convention Centre is the best convention centre in Kollam for hosting extraordinary events and unforgettable gatherings, Situated in the city’s heart, our state-of-the-art facility is meticulously designed to surpass all your expectations. Providing an impressive seating capacity of 2000, we offer the ideal setting for your lavish celebrations, be it a wedding, conference, corporate event, or any special occasion. Our expansive halls guarantee that each guest is comfortably accommodated, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Pavithram Convention Centre is your go-to destination for creating lasting memories in Kollam.

Why Pavithram Convention Centre Is Your First Choice

If you are looking for the best wedding halls in Kollam ,Step into the Pavitram Convention Centre and  Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere complemented by contemporary amenities.


Spacious Main Hall

Our Main Hall stands as one of the region’s largest, Offering abundant space and a seating capacity exceeding 2000 guests. It is the perfect venue for hosting grand events, conferences, and weddings, making it the preferred choice for sizable gatherings.


Grand & Intimate Mini Hall

Vilambaram Hall is a striking venue for large gatherings, accommodating up to 600 attendees, while the more intimate Travancore Hall caters to smaller events, hosting up to 300 guests. It serves as a charming backdrop for birthday parties, seminars, and social gatherings or is the best choice for  Banquet halls in Kollam.

best convention centre in Kollam

Ample Parking

Experience convenience with our parking area, providing secure accommodation for over 500 vehicles. We prioritize the ease of your guests, ensuring ample space for parking, and making every event hassle-free. Your peace of mind is our commitment to exceptional hospitality.

Our Latest Events

Stay updated and inspired by the latest events hosted at Pavithram Convention Centre. We take pride in curating diverse gatherings, from dazzling weddings and impactful corporate conferences to cultural celebrations and artistic exhibitions. Explore how our versatile venue remains the canvas for unforgettable moments and experiences.

Our Amenities

Impressive LED Wall

Elevate your presentations and visuals with our state-of-the-art LED wall, offering stunning displays and visual effects for a captivating event experience.

Wheelchair Facilities

We are committed to inclusivity, offering wheelchair-friendly facilities and ramps to ensure that all guests can comfortably navigate our venue and enjoy your event.

Serene Prayer Room

Our venue includes a peaceful prayer room, providing a quiet and contemplative space for attendees to observe their religious practices and rituals.


Discover what our valued clients have said about their experiences at Pavithram Convention Centre. We take pride in sharing their words of praise, reflecting our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable events.

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