Best Mini Halls in Kollam: Intimate Celebrations at Pavithram Convention Centre

Mini halls play a pivotal role in event hosting, offering versatile spaces that cater to various gathering sizes and purposes. Their importance lies in their ability to provide intimacy for smaller meetings or events while also accommodating larger groups comfortably. At Pavithram Convention Centre in Kollam, these Mini Halls—Vilambaram and Travancore—embody this significance impeccably.

Welcome to Pavithram Convention Centre, where elegance meets versatility in the heart of Kollam. Our mini halls in Kollam are perfect for any celebration, set amidst stunning landscapes. Experience grand celebrations in our mini halls in Kollam, where every event finds its ideal setting. Pavithram Convention Centre offers beautiful event spaces designed for all your needs, surrounded by stunning landscapes. 

Mini Halls in Kollam

A Closer Look at Our Facilities in Pavithram Convention Centre

Embracing Intimacy: Mini Halls

At Pavithram, our mini halls encapsulate the allure of intimate gatherings. These spaces cater to those seeking a more personal setting for their special occasions. The smaller scale ensures warmth, closeness, and an unmatched ambiance.

As the best Convention Centre in Kollam, our commitment to excellence extends to every facility. From grandeur to intimacy, each space is meticulously designed to elevate every event into a cherished memory.

The Pavithram Convention Centre in Kollam is a versatile venue perfect for events. Among its features are the intimate and elegant Mini Halls – Vilambaram and Travancore – ideal for different gatherings.

Best Mini Halls in Kollam

Vilambaram Hall: A Haven for Larger Gatherings

With a seating capacity of 600, the Vilambaram Hall embraces you with its spaciousness while maintaining an aura of warmth and intimacy. Ideal for larger gatherings, conferences, and seminars, this hall embodies sophistication. Its versatile layout can be adapted to suit various event types, ensuring a seamless experience for hosts and attendees alike.

The modern amenities seamlessly blend with the timeless elegance of the hall, equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and customizable lighting to create the desired ambiance. Whether it’s a corporate event, a cultural celebration, or a gala dinner, the Vilambaram Hall offers an exquisite space to make your event truly memorable.

Travancore Hall: Intimate Elegance

For smaller gatherings of up to 300 guests, the Travancore Hall offers an intimate setting. Birthdays, seminars, or social gatherings find a perfect backdrop here, blending intimacy with sophistication.

For more intimate affairs, the Travancore Hall at Pavithram Convention Centre provides an inviting setting with a seating capacity of 300. This hall exudes a charming ambiance that’s perfect for smaller gatherings, workshops, or exclusive meetings. Its cozy yet refined atmosphere creates an environment conducive to focused discussions and shared experiences.

Despite its more intimate size, the Travancore Hall doesn’t compromise on modern amenities. It boasts top-notch facilities, ensuring that every event held here is executed flawlessly. The hall’s adaptability allows hosts to personalize the space according to their event’s theme or requirements, ensuring a bespoke experience for every occasion.

Luxurious Suite Rooms

We offer luxurious suite rooms at Pavithram Convention Centre, perfect for guests needing on-site stays. These comfortable suites cater to event attendees, especially those traveling long distances. Whether it’s a conference, wedding, or special event, these suites provide a peaceful retreat amid the festivities. Indulge in luxury with our suite rooms, designed for comfort and sophistication.

Ample Parking

Absolutely! Our parking area is meticulously designed to offer a seamless and secure parking experience for all your guests. With the capacity to accommodate over 500 vehicles, we prioritize convenience and accessibility, ensuring that parking is the least of your concerns when hosting an event with us.

Our commitment to exceptional hospitality extends to every aspect of your guests’ experience, starting from the moment they arrive. We understand the importance of ample parking space, and our well-organized parking area aims to make every event hassle-free.

Safety and security are paramount, and we have implemented robust measures to ensure the protection of vehicles. Our dedicated team oversees the parking area, providing constant vigilance and assistance to guarantee your peace of mind throughout the event.

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a celebratory occasion, or any special event, we take pride in offering a parking solution that aligns with our commitment to delivering outstanding service. Your guests’ comfort and convenience matter to us, and our spacious, secure parking area reflects that dedication.

Experience the ease and assurance of our parking facilities, designed to complement the exceptional experience we strive to provide for every guest.

Elegant Dining Hall

Step into Pavithram Convention Centre’s dining hall, where culinary delight merges with an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Our expansive and meticulously adorned hall is crafted to seamlessly accommodate large gatherings, ensuring every guest revels in comfort and luxury.

The ambiance is a blend of sophistication and charm, carefully curated to elevate every dining experience. Whether it’s a grand buffet affair or an intimate, formal sit-down dinner, our dining hall sets the stage for memorable moments and exquisite cuisine.

The spacious design allows for seamless movement and comfort, ensuring that guests can navigate the hall effortlessly. Its aesthetic appeal, complemented by thoughtful decor, creates an inviting environment that perfectly complements the culinary masterpieces our chefs create.

Be it a corporate banquet, a wedding reception, or any special occasion, our dining hall serves as the perfect backdrop, enhancing the pleasure of every meal. It’s a space where flavorsome dishes meet an ambiance designed to leave a lasting impression, making every dining experience at Pavithram Convention Centre truly exceptional.

Hygiene Kitchen

Our kitchen at Pavithram Convention Centre is the beating heart of our dining experience. It’s a place where top-notch technology meets the highest standards of cleanliness, creating a space where flavors blend perfectly and creativity shines. Here, our skilled team crafts dishes with care and innovation, ensuring each bite is a delight for our guests. We take pride in our attention to detail, using the latest methods to maintain hygiene while infusing every dish with delicious flavors.

In our kitchen, every ingredient is handled with expertise and respect, resulting in dishes that leave a lasting impression. We’re dedicated to creating not just meals but memorable culinary adventures for everyone who walks through our doors.


The Pavithram Convention Centre’s Mini Halls in Kollam – Vilambaram and Travancore – stand as testaments to versatility and luxury in event hosting. Whether you seek a grand affair or an intimate gathering, these halls cater to your needs with finesse, offering the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and modern amenities.

Planning your next event in Kollam?

Consider the Pavithram Convention Centre’s Vilambaram and Travancore Halls, where every moment is infused with sophistication and charm, leaving a lasting impression on hosts and guests alike.

Join us at Pavithram Convention Centre, where every celebration, big or small, finds its perfect place amidst elegance, intimacy, and the promise of unforgettable moments.

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